About Us

The Radpet Story so far.

 It began after a few cat hammock purchases for his cat over a similar amount of years, Charlie ( the RadPet Hammock designer ) felt that if someone else didn't do something to improve what was available, he would have to make the effort to do so if he got time. Several years went by together with several more hammocks before, for the umpteenth time, he found himself looking at his cat laying on her back in a wobbly, tilted hammock with her head bent round pressed against the rim. It wasn't the first time he found himself considering how amazing it is that we, as consumers, simply adjust to degrading qualities in products as competition bashes businesses to find cheaper ways of making things more quickly or that consumers available free time to think about it seems to get less and less in the bustle of life. On that occasion, he decided that the time had to be found because when it comes to  products for our pets, it's more than important and there must be a limit that must force an obligation on us humans. Our loving loyal friends will never ear bash us into raising our game even though they may be suffering - it is down to us. 

This is what lead to a new and so far, we believe, unique concept through reinventing the manufacture process in a way that would allow for genuine improvement whilst keeping costs rerasonable and also lowering the carbon footprint per hammock..

While investigating design possibilities and thinking things through, Charlie realised that to make a real difference, not only would a new variety of pet hammock need designing, but new production techniques would also need inventing together with new production equipment.

With some considerable experimentation, using combinations of mathematical formulas, to discover new techniques and provide plans for developing tools and equipment and a modern business model in tow, a brand new concept of bespoke-on-tap production is born - one that allows for pet owners to make thoughtfully worked out carefully considered decisions quickly and easily.

Although it has been very difficult and time consuming - here comes the joy for omni-giving something truly special in return for the unconditional love that we receive from our pets, which in turn, often makes us better humans.

The RadPet Hammock is our flagship product but by no means our only line - keep an eye out for new product developments as time goes by.